oYo Auction House

Set in the heart of the oYo events area is this not to be missed stone auction house.

The auction house has been running for around a year now with weekly auctions. When you enter

the auction house you are met by 15 stalls and the whole place has a feel of a church, perhaps that's why the flock gather every Thursday at 2pm for Kels's summons.

You can find us here:



oYo Wildz Big Top Tent

The wildz auctions started as soon as the wildz were released and have been a regular Tuesday 2pm fixture every since.

If you visit the wildz area of the oYo sims you cannot miss this big circus tent that holds 15 stalls and so much else going on inside. Who knows who you may bump into inside this magical tent, its is said that dumbo even flies around in there sometimes and ring master Kels will bring the breedables to their knees for your enjoyment!

You can find us here: 






M&K Auction House

M&K is the longest running oYo auction house created by Matt & Kels Foxclaw upon their arrival to Inworldz and has held weekly auctions ever since. Set at M&K Stables the auction house stands with a stone wall surround but is set as an open air location.

The decoration may change from season to season, special event to special event but the auction house remains the heart of M&K. Matt & Kels take centre stage on Sunday's at 2pm where you can find 20 stalls and lots of fun!

You can find us here: