Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual WildZ! In the following guide we prepared
a few hints and recommendations for the use and care of your new bears.


  • New bears grow to mature within 5 days.
  • When rezzed your bears can be configured to walk around in a defined range around its home position
  • Sound can be switched on/off
  • Tamed bears can be attached to walk or ride
  • Mature bears can mate and breed more bears
  • The owner can change the most important commands and settings with a menu
  • Food consumption: one unit per hour


There are "wild" an "tamed" bears. One out of 30 is "tamed", the others are "wild".
So if you have the chance to have a tamed one, you can make them follow, play or walk with.

Walking your bear

Simply wear your tamed bear to walk with it.

Please note:

  • Your bear must be attached to the Avatar Center to walk or ride it.
  • Make sure your AO is switched off
  • avoid wearing your bear when teleporting

Food, Medicine and Honey

Please visit one of our shops to purchase a stock of food, medicine and honey.

  • Food consumption: one unit per hour and bear.
  • To increase the fevor of the bears in order to breed, 100 units of honey are required
  • If your bear is becoming ill, a medicine is required.
  • If food or health go down to 0, the woldcat falls in a deep coma.
  • Buy a recovery injection to heal a bear in coma

If your bear is absent (i.e. asleep in your inventory), the consumed food units are subtracted when it is rezzed again (to a min. of 3 units).
Very long absence can affect the health of your bear!


When you rezzed the bears from the bundles they will take 5 days to grow until they are mature, and 2 more days (with support of milk) to increase their fevor and make them mate.

Hopefully after a 5 days pregnancy your bear should get a little bear, which is delivered to our inventory in a bundle.

Rez the bundle in chat range of the mother bear and it should retrieve the configuration of the new bear. If you then click "Birth" from the menu, your new bear is rezzed and configured.

If your bundle is getting lost before your can rez it, please contact any Staff member for a replacement.

Bears above an age of 120 day will retire and can not mate or get pregnant anymore.