When you are breeding your oYo Pet the Breeder Bundle is the result of the Pregnancy?. When the pregnancy ends a Breeder Bundle is sent to the Breeder's Inventory. These are "empty" bundles with no specific information, including just scripts and the "templates" for the offspring.

Never "Open" the Breeder Bundle and take things out of it!

When you receive a Breeder Bundle you are supposed to
  • rez the bundle near the mother. It should configure now, taking the parent data from the mother and calculating the offsprings coat, eyes, hair, trait, hair, horn ....
  • To "Birth" a bundle (and get the real offspring rezzed), touch the bundle and choose "Birth" from the menu.
  • Configured bundles can be taken into your Inventory or offered for sale.

Use a BundleTracker to keep track of the birthes on your sim and aid you rezzing bundles near their mothers.