What traits will my new puppy/pig/foal/kitten/bird/fuzzy have?

If you buy a pet its coat is determined by random by the bundle script. New born animals work similar but the new trait is chosen on a more complex base taking the coats, eyes and fur colors of the parents into consideration (something like a random based inheritance). So when the parents are black, the probability of a black foal is larger than a brown or a silver coat.

I received only females.

The gender of your new breedable is determined by random too. Usually there is one male horse to 3 females. So simply let your animals try again.

How long does Pregnancy? last?

Pregnancy of most oYo breedables lasts 5 days with the exception of the Fuzzy? which lasts 3 days and Elephants? need 7 days.

My BreederBundle does not configure.

When you receive a BreederBundle it does not have any knowledge of its parents. Therefore you need to rez it near the mother for the data to pass to the Bundle or Egg.

I received an IM notifying me of a birth, but I did not receive anything. What can I do?

Sometimes the delivery of a bundle may fail. Contact the oYo help group inworld to speak to a staff member who will be able to send you a replacement bundle which should solve the issue.

Can I control the mating of my pets?

At the moment the easiest way to control breeding is to separate your pets by a safe distance that allows selective mating.

Do my pets retire?

Yes, after 120 days your breedable retires. This means it will not consume any Food or fevor items or require Medicine? also it will not mate or give birth.

(Please note if your breedable is pregnant when it turns 120 days a BreederBundle will still be delivered however it will not produce a final offspring.)

How much Food and fevor items will my breedables eat?

Food is a thing that is consumed over time. Your oYo Breedables consume 1 unit of Food per hour each from the closest Food with the correct permissions.

If they are absent, stored in your Inventory, the Food amount is consumed the next time you rez the animal.

Fevor items work differently. Mature Breedables need fevor items to increase their fevor percentage. When it is lower than the amount of 100% required for mating it is increased each hour by using 2 units of fevor from a nearby source. That way they reach the required feral level within ~2 days (50 hours). So the calculation is very easy: to breed one foal you need 200 units of fevor – 100 units for the mother and 100 units for the father. It is “consumed” in the moment of the mating when the female horse becomes pregnant and the male horse is spent and his fevor goes down to 0% again. Fevor differs for various breeds, horses use salt, dodos use starfruit, cats use milk, dogs use bones, pigs use fruit and Fuzzies? use sweets. Please ensure you have your Food and fevor permissions set correctly. There is a 'feed all' option when you click on the Food or fevor item but this is only needed when you are not the owner of all the breedables you are feeding.

Please Note: If someone else has a Food set down closer to your animals than your own Food the animals may not feed. So always check your Food is closest to your own animals.

Also see a notecard about FoodConsumption I made some time ago....

Will my Pet die in the Inventory?

No. It will consume Food when it is rezzed, and if it was in the Inventory too long, it will also suffer a reduction of health. But both values will not go under 3% after rezzing them. So be sure you have a little stock of Food and Medicine? which must be rezzed immediately.

Also see BreedableHealth? on health issues.

My Fuzzy? is wearing clothes but I want to transfer him/her to someone else, will the clothes transfer?

If your Fuzzy? is wearing an outfit that will be transferred with the Fuzzy?, however if the person does not own that outfit applier and they remove the Clothes? that outfit will be gone.